A park run by Snowmobilers for Snowmobilers!

Current Trail Conditions

                                 TWIN OAKS CAMPGROUND & CABINS 
                              877-442-3102 * twinoakscamping.com

                        Open year-around  *  Cabins * Winter RV Camping!
                             RUN BY SNOWMOBILERS FOR SNOWMOBILERS  

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         ***  SNOWMOBILE TRAIL REPORT  12-18-14   ***          RESERVATIONS: 877-442-3102

***************************  HEADS UP !!!! *******************************

LARGE snowstorm being forecasted for next week around Christmas and into the weekend with measurable snow. 
Snow is down now (1-2 inches on ground) trails not rideable, but are open.  I will keep you posted as it
gets closer!!   

TRAILS OPENED DEC 1. *  Snow is down - trails not rideable. When it happens I'll let you know!!

RV SITES OPEN - long or short term (rates below) **  CABINS OPEN  (rates descriptions below)

                                CALL FOR RESERVATIONS:  877-442-3102     

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                            NEW!  **  TWO ways to do MONTHLY WINTER RV CAMPING: 


-  On-lot for the month or entire winter.  Sled trailers left on-lot .  
-  AT CAMP:   $ 32.00/night (elec) or $ 34.00/night (elec/sew)
   NOT AT CAMP:    $ 1.00/DAY STORAGE fee's   NOTE:  RV unplugged prior to leaving
-  We plow. Call, we will plug you in & turn your lights/heat on. 


-  On-lot for the month or entire winter.  Sled trailers left on-lot. 
-  Monthly fees:  $ 265.00 (elec)  $ 285.00 (elec & sew)   RV plugged in all month - no storage fees
-  We plow. Call, we will plug you in & turn your lights/heat on. 

#3   NIGHTLY CAMPING:     $ 32.00 / night

Rates:  4 people (5 yrs+) Addn people charge 

NOTE:  Propane companies will set large tank for extended stay.

                          CABINS * RENTAL UNITS

FULL HOUSEKEEPING CABINS:   Full kitchens & baths, Dish TV, Log Beds, Fully stocked.  
                            85.00 (4 people), 90.00 (5 people)

RUSTIC BUNKHOUSE:  Sleeps 7.  NO facilities.  Beds, couch, table, microwave, coffee pot, CLEAN & comfortable.
                   Water/facilities at Lodge. 70.00 Night (5 people), 5.00/night each additional person               
We sit on Wellston Trail #6.  Ride the Irons, Wellston, Benzie, Udell Hills & Cadillac Trails (6 mi - trail all the way!). 
We & a large percentage of our seasonals are snowmobilers! 

Lodge building is open 24/7 - showers, restrooms, dish washing sink, microwave, TV, games, laundromat.  
We heat with wood – all facilities are clean and toasty warm for your use.

877-442-3102  * twinoakscamping.com  *  twinoaks@kaltelnet.net

Make Twin Oaks your snowmobile headquarters for the riding season. Ride the Wellston, Cadillac, Benzie, & Irons trail systems direct from the campground!

Call us and reserve a campsite today for next winter!

WINTER RV CAMPING (20-30-50 * Sewer)
We have LARGE, LEVEL RV SITES and can accommodate any size rig …
Store your SNOWMOBILE TRAILER on-site …
Rent a campsite for the NIGHT – WEEK – MONTH or THE ENTIRE WINTER …
Two area propane companies will meet your WINTER HEAT needs …
HOT & CLEAN Showers & Restrooms
Give us a call ahead of time and we’ll plow your drive & turn on your heat!
When you get to camp…Suit up & ride!

(Dish TV, log beds, full kitchens, full baths, hooks for clothes & helmets)


Bonfires * Get Togethers * Breakfast Rides

DROP & RIDE AREA - Drop your trailer & vehicle at Twin Oaks Campground for the day
& use the restrooms / Lodge for changing into & out of your sled clothes.
Ride direct to the trails from the campground - $20.00 per drop per day.
Drop area is up front by the house - safe & secure.

SNOWMOBILE TRAILER STORAGE AREA - Tired of hauling your sled trailer up & down
the highway on slick roads with high gas prices? Leave your locked trailer in our storage area for $1.00/day.
Storage area is up front by the house - safe & secure.

For more information:   Call 877-442-3102
E-mail twinoaks@kaltelnet.net

This property being privately owned, the customer accepts camping, rental, storage and drop & ride privileges with the understanding that he/she does hereby release the Campground, its officers and employees of all liability for loss or damage to property and injury to his/her person arising out of his/her use of it’s campground, rental unit, storage and/or drop and ride facilities and agrees to indemnify the Campground, its officers and employees against claims resulting from loss or damage to property or injury to the person of any member of the family or guest of the tenant arising out of the use of its campground, rental unit, storage and/or drop and ride facilities.